Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tropical Mahinui Treehouse on MTV Extreme Cribs

And here we are.  Hoping the MTV website will eventually post the episode online.  It might be repeated Sunday August 28.

The show, MTV Extreme Cribs,  featured our daughter Stephanie touring the treehouse, with some commentary from us, and a quick view of the pavilion.  If you saw the show, you got a look at everything about the place.  I think they showed the bed, and maybe not the upper lanai.  You didn't get the view from the upper lanai into the canopy either, but you can see and hear the amazing forest.

What wasn't mentioned is that you can honeymoon at the treehouse, and have a marriage ceremony or other celebration in the pavilion.  The way to do that is to contact us through our website,

Meantime, it was fun to do the show, especially so for daughter Steph.  We all love seeing ourselves on TV especially when it's all good.

Aloha from Mahinui Na Lani!  A hui hou!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aloha from the Volcano.

Madam Pele has been dancing up a show these last several days.  There was a perched lake at Pu'u O'o that collapsed, sending lava streaming down the mountain in multiple flows.

The perched lake was very much like a above ground swimming pool.  Hardened lava sides built up and the interior drained, then began filling.  When the volume had sufficiently increased,  it blew out a hole in the side or opened a crack and the wall came down, releasing the flow. 

Views from helicopters have been amazing.  Here is a link to movie clip on the usgs site.

Slowly we are being discovered, mainly via the treehouse.  The Today show had a clip featuring the treehouse, but didn't say where it was beyond "Hawaii".  Some people did find us.  MTV Cribs has filmed the treehouse and the wedding pavilion for an upcoming episode of Extreme Cribs, their new show that premiered August 1.  Keola Magazine featured the treehouse in an article, and it may be seen online:  

The house at Volcano where the pavilion rests has now been converted to use for the wedding parties as well as for other guests when no weddings are scheduled.  This makes it convenient and easy to stage catering, and offer a place for guests to stay after the party is over and the bride and groom have gone over to the treehouse.

Our wedding packages now can include both treehouse and conventional house stays along with the weddings at the pavilion. 

The orchids and anthuriums at the pavilion are looking particularly lovely this summer.  The ginger came into bloom early, perfuming the forest by day.  The datura adds its rich notes at dusk.  Summer evenings are cool without being chilly.  The firebowls add light, warmth, and the element of fire that matches the spirit of the volcano. 

There is still availability for summer weddings, as well as deep fall and winter.