Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hawaii Beach Wedding

The Hawaii Beach wedding is such a popular idea that you would think it would be super easy to arrange.  And in many ways it is.  You do an internet search and up pop a plethora of possibilities.

When you look closer, you may notice some of these details:

You cannot put up an arch or canopy at the beach in Hawaii.  When you see an arch in the photo, that is on grass, near a beach, sometimes on private property.  There is no beach ownership of property, hence no private beach.

So since all beach access is public, there is no private beachfront wedding site, other than a private home with beachfront access directly adjacent.

If you long for a sand between the toes Hawaii wedding with maybe no one wandering right through your ceremony, there are a couple of spots we like.  One is pictured right here.  These Keawe trees form multiple corridors between a walking path and the water.  The beach is fairly narrow, and the trees lie right down on the sand.  There are more open areas at either end of this stretch, but right here, for a significant length of beach, the trees form almost outdoor rooms.

We also like this for the photo possibilities.  This is a difficult back lit shot, where the sky is gone white on a sunny day so the texture of the trees shows.  We see a billowy chiffon wedding dress, colorful aloha shirt.  We see a path of orchids and plumeria.  We see candles in glass surrounded by orchids balanced along the branches, tied in raffia streamers from some of the overhanding boughs.  We see tree branch climbing in full wedding regalia.  And we see no one else in the picture.  That is partly because of the way the trees cordon off sections of sand.  That is partly because this beach is just enough off the beaten path that it is possible to claim a spot and secure some privacy.  Not 100% privacy, but enough for a lovely ceremony and lots of fun photos.  Plus the snorkeling is phenomenal.

We can set this up with table and chairs, quilts and pillows, cake and champagne.  It can become an opulent arrangement for a day or an evening. We can bring in candles in hurricane glass and tiki drinks.  A caterer.  The picnic of your wedding dreams, complete with white tablecloth and sunset, guitar player and a long linger in the twilight into evening on a beach now deserted but for you.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Night Magic and Music

The winter palette is soft and subdued, with muted colors and firelight warmth.  In the forest on top of the volcano, the beauty of winter is evident year round, especially as night falls and the emerald greens of the surrounding forest fade with the forest filtered light.  Unlike winter weather on other mountaintops, what chill may be in the air may be staved off with fire bowls and candle light, so the wedding party may go on barefoot with aloha attire.  When it is over, the winding curvy path down from the pavilion is illuminated with tiki torches.

Here the ceremony has just concluded.  Outside a thunderstorm is sparkling up the night and rain is streaming down.  The open sides of the pavilion allow the couple to experience the storm from this romantic vantage point.  Loud storms happen once in awhile on top of the mountain, most often in winter.  The thunder will sound and lightning flash and between nature's symphonic percussion the music of the wedding plays the story of the lovers who happily unite within the passionate soundings of the storm.

When planning a wedding in Hawaii, embracing the weather is a significant part of the experience.  If you are seeking pure sunshine, you are best with a west island destination.  For the drama of winter weather, our rainforest pavilion lets you be right there and stay dry and warm.  The surrounding forest is red flowered ohia trees, cedars, and Sugi pines. There are also giant tree ferns, flowering orchids, and anthurium.  It is lovely to walk up through the forest while it is still daylight.  Night falls quickly, so the procession amidst the ferns can happen in the fading light, and the candlelight in the pavilion will already be prominent as the couple enter.  This same effect may be achieved any time of the year, and in summer months, the perfume of the night flowers adds that extra dimension to the experience.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sand as white as snow

Who has never had a deserted island fantasy?  Imagine yourself on this beach.  The sand so white, the sunlight a mellow 85 degrees.  The only footprints are yours.

This is a beach in Hawaii that is on the Big Island.  You can drive in with four wheel drive, if your vehicle is high enough to manage the deep deep ruts and you are willing to take the time to creep along.  You can hike in, with whatever you can carry.  Or, what about a helicopter drop?  This is where it can become one of life's ultimate adventures ...  

Here is how it could work.  You are visiting Hawaii.  Your amazing life partner is with you.  You are moved to do something to honor this person.  What about a helicopter tour over the active volcano, then touch down here?  You have with you a picnic lunch prepared to match your palates. Perhaps something like this:  Tiny island greens, a cold bottle of wine.  Opakpaka prepared with wasabi and flying fish eggs.  Quinoa with Hamakua mushrooms sautéed lightly in a sherry sauce.  A desert of dried starfruit dipped in Hawaiian chocolate.

You bring this along in a basket with a lounging cloth for the beach, and a couple of folding chairs, cloth napkins, bottled water and calamansi.

You are the only two people on this beach.  The helicopter will return in 3 hours.  Meanwhile, leave behind all the constraints of civilization and let yourself become as a Hawaiian of days so far gone by ...  and there can even be music.

We can arrange this ... are you ready?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rainforest Romance ~ Intimate Supper

From time to time we romantics ponder what might be the ultimate romantic dinner.  

There is a scene in the movie Out of Africa where Robert Redford sets up a table on the desert sand, wooing Meryl Streep.  It is a swooningly lovely scene, with the white table cloth and the elegant setting in the middle of the wildness.  

The original idea of the romantic supper in the rainforest pavilion was to offer an alternative to bridal couples to going out to eat at a restaurant.  The romance of the setting is somewhat conveyed in the photo above.  What is missing is the fragrance of the forest, of the orchids and perhaps the tuberose bouquet across the floor on the altar/tiki bar.  You cannot hear the music.  And of course, there is no food showing!

If you are planning on coming to the Big Island to become engaged, or celebrate an anniversary, or if you simply would love to surprise your partner with what could well be the most memorable and most idyllic dining experience you have ever had, consider this.  We can arrange a private and festive supper for you, with the menu of your choice.  We work with some of the most outstanding private chefs on the island.  The ingredients are sourced locally insofar as possible.  We encourage you to try seasonal island cuisine, prepared healthfully, and presented magnificently.  

You may have music via iPod or go all out and have a local guitar player.  Island music or flamenco.  

With enough notice, you may have the choice of finishing your evening at the treehouse, or enjoying the main residence on the same grounds as the pavilion.

If you wonder how you get to this spot, it is very near the main entrance to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  The pavilion itself is up a curvy forest path, interplanted with heart shaped anthurium, orchids, and fragrant ginger.  The path is lit with tiki torches.  

For more photos and an introduction to the treehouse, you may visit our website: