Saturday, February 13, 2010

What is different about an Eco-stay?

If the greenest thing about the hotel you choose is the little sign on the bed that suggests they can skip laundering your sheets and towels each night, chances are you have not experienced a truly green vacation stay.

Getting away from life as you know it can involve opportunities to experience regular day to day living in a whole different way, at the same time as you relax and renew your spirit.

At the treehouse in the rainforest, we have built your experience from the ground up, using green technology. You will be aware of the difference from the moment you repack your bags into backpacks to walk through the rainforest and up into the treehouse: roller bags are great for airports, but not so for the forest.

The ascent would require an elevator if this was a hotel, but you will climb up. It isn't particularly arduous, but if you do it several times a day while you are here, you might find yourself tightening your belt a notch or even two.

Water is not piped in or out - rather than a sewer system or a septic system that has destroyed a swimming pool sized section of the forest, there is a composting toilet and rainwater catchment.

The hot tub is heated by a chofu. Electricity is from a battery bank, solar panels, and a generator.

The treehouse itself is built using treehouse technology. State of the art garnier limbs support the structure within the trees. The building materials are recycled from a church that was torn down and are sustainably farmed bamboo.

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