Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainforest Wedding Attire

When you choose to get married in the rainforest, maybe the image that comes to mind is a frothy cinderella like gown with all that white contrasting with the deep green of the forest. The image is lovely, and there is nothing that says you can't do it.

If on the other hand you are not one for necessarily following all the rules, the forest suggests a playful palette of colors, particularly the colors of the forest birds. This ensemble by URU is one example of the way you can think about bending the traditions as to wedding attire.

Today, the sun is brilliant and the sky blue. Two days ago, it was raining. The pavilion shields you from the weather, but you are still out in the forest, sheltered, serene. Like life itself, the weather is unpredictable and even capricious.

Just some ideas for a rainforest wedding. Your tradition may say white, and tradition is one note in the symphony. It may be a note you must keep, or the lure of a less traditional look may be irresistible.

photo is from the URU clothing site:
great timeless designs that suit the rainforest

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  1. Rainforest wedding attire! That’s just amazing. I had great time reading this post. My own wedding is in the next month. It will be a Frozen themed ceremony at one of my favorite New York wedding venues so I need ideas for Frozen inspired dress. Could you help?