Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fantasy in the Forest

When you go searching for weddings in Hawaii online, what comes up first are the big commercial establishments.   Hotels and resorts with big budgets and lots of visitors get the front page.  This turns out to be a challenge for us with our private spot here next to the volcano.  How will people discover us?

We have considered ads in wedding magazines, and going to wedding fairs, but our sense of those sorts of spots is they are dedicated to big splashy weddings, and that is opposite what we are about.

A wedding here at our pavilion has several unique characteristics:

  •  it is truly private.  You look out, and see the rainforest.  No tourists will wander by, and if you are rich and famous, as long as you keep it a secret, so will we.
  •  we are cost conscious.  We think you don't need to spend as much on a wedding as you would buying a luxury car. 
  • when you buy a package here, it is not just a ceremony and a bottle of sparkling cider.  It is a full on Hawaiian style ceremony.
  •  if you choose to add a treehouse stay, we will transport you to the pavilion and back from the treehouse in our sexy land rover
  •  there is a spiritual and magical essence to this rainforest, and you will feel it immediately.  It is like stepping into a romantic poem or a fairy tale.  
  • should you want more than a basic package, that's easy.  we publish some ideas on our website, and are happy to work with you.  
  • we will help you keep your wedding stress free
To give you a sense of how we work, consider wedding flowers.  In a traditional wedding, there will be flowers everywhere.  The bride carries the bouquet, and everywhere you look, there is an abundance of flowers, cut and arranged in vases, perhaps tied to pillars and posts and trellises.  

At a pavilion wedding, there are flowers growing along the forest path.  There are orchids and other tropical epiphytes actually growing in the trees.  There are tree ferns and ginger all around the pavilion.  We place living orchids at the entrance as you walk up.  And there are leis for a lei exchange.  All this is at no additional cost beyond the basic price.  

Depending on how much tradition you may want, or simply on your personal desires, we offer wedding bouquets.  These will be fashioned from ferns, orchids, and perhaps gardenias or proteas.  You specify the colors and whether you prefer a tight traditional "ball" or a flowing drape of flowers, and the colors of the ribbons.  The cost?  Usually $50.  

In Hawaii, the head lei is often worn by the bride.  Here in the sacred forest of Pele, a head lei made from the buds of the forest trees is what is worn for ceremonies and occasions.  Or a head lei of white orchids or other flowers may be worn.  

Altar flowers may be desired.  Bouquets range in price from $20 to $75.  If you choose to have a celebration feast, flowers for each table are included in the package.  Those will be anthuriums.  If more elaborate flowers are desired, or something special, we'll figure it out.  

 Leis are a part of the Hawaiian wedding.  The leis are included in our basic package.  If you want something in particular rather than what we offer, we will have them waiting for you. 

One of the attractions of the Hawaiian islands is the sense that here, you lose your cares.  The stresses of every day life fall away.  Your wedding can be stress free as well, and we are dedicated to helping create an environment for your celebration that is a reflection of the love you share.  We can do that for a beach wedding too.  

So where do we show ourselves such that couples looking for this sort of romantic place for a ceremony can find us?

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