Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Choose Hawaii Island for Your Wedding?

Those who have either been to or dreamt of the Hawaiian Islands have heard them call "come to me, come to me...". From the ultra blue water and skies that change color at dawn and dusk, to the scent of the very air the moment you step from the plane, these islands are softly alluring. Hawaii's romance is a guitar softly playing as waves lap against the shoreline in the moonlight, while your hand lingers on the sun warmed skin of your lover.

Hawaii Island is where you will find Kilauea Volcano, lava churning and spilling down the sides of the mountain, falling in burning orange rivers down the cliffs into the sea.  It is where the ferns of the rainforest grow to be thirty feet tall, and the curved beak red apapane greets you with a morning song in mid-canopy of the rainforest when you stay in a treehouse for your honeymoon.

On Hawaii Island you will find world class dining
You may choose amongst the oceanfront restaurants of Kohala and Kona, where in the winter time the whales breach and spout as the sun goes down and the sky changes through an array of colors from gold to deepest red or brilliant pink, from peach tones to gleaming carnelians then purple.  You can arrange for a special post wedding photo shoot to capture those colors that have decorated your evenings on the Kohala Coast.  The musicians who so casually entertain you as you enjoy your evening meal are among the finest in their genre.

When you choose Hawaii for your wedding,  you will then select a destination within your destination. Many hotels offer wedding services on site. Should you prefer something more personalized and private, wedding coordinators like Mahinui Na Lani can help you find the venue that meets your expectations, whether beachfront, rainforest, waterfall, or private residence.  All details are handled according to your wishes.  Your ceremony and celebration will unfold like your fondest dreams of Hawaiian paradise.
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