Friday, September 27, 2013

Elements of a Perfect Day * . * . * Part One

You flight lands in Kona at noon and check in at the resort is 3.  Even if your room isn't quite ready, you can always go hang out, maybe have a drink poolside.  That exquisite island feeling probably began to kick in when you caught the first heady scent of plumeria in the airport. It is still likely to be a day or two or even three before your mainland timestream slows to island time.

There is a way to ease into your West Hawaii stay that is oh so worth the side trip right into Kailua-Kona, even if your destination is a resort up the coast a ways from the airport. That view above is the sunset view from a chair at Piper's Pedicures and Polishes in the Kona Inn shopping center on Alii Drive. The before sunset view is pretty smashing as well.  The price will not be a resort price, and is no different from what you will pay at any strip mall. But oh what a difference the waterfront view makes. Lean back, soak up the contentment of the swaying palms and lovely aqua ocean.

To make a reservation before you leave the mainland, call 808-324-4852. There is a shave ice stand not far from the salon where your traveling companion who is not into the mani-pedi thing can get a rapturously fabulous shave ice with an ice cream center and a snow cap. It is across the street and down about a block to the left. If that does not appeal, there are opportunities for a beer or a coffee at any of the Alii Drive spots nearby.  You might consider arriving with a cold split of champagne from the ABC store for your relaxing pleasure. 

Remember to wear your slippahs on da plane!  Aloha! 

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