Sunday, January 12, 2014

Your Wedding Photographs

If you are planning your wedding, chances are you have at least one photo board on Pinterest where you keep your ideas, and images of weddings that speak to you. If you do not, you might like to at least browse the Pinterest wedding boards to see what is there.

The photos you see on the major wedding sites and on Pinterest show you how far wedding photography has come from the series of set shots that dominated the industry for so long. No more line ups of the wedding party and guests three deep like the annual classroom photo. You will see very few photos of weddings that include guests beyond the bridal party itself on any of these sites.

If you love the look of a certain place, but your wedding and reception are not there, consider having a photo session done where the look is all you dream of.  Our destination wedding couples often opt for a photo session where we take them to various places on the island that are super photogenic.

There are of course those aqua water spots with the ultra Hawaiian sensibility, and we love those for the context. But we also seek out spots that have something to do with the things the couple is drawn to, like this 50s style diner that appealed to this couple.

Brides who collect photos of other brides, and want to recreate something they have seen elsewhere are not necessarily going to be happy with the result. If you do not tell the photographer what you are looking for in those poses, peculiar things can happen. I photographed a couple where every time we changed locales, the groom would lift her into the air. She was stiff as a board when he did this, except her head was angled toward him. I didn't realize the effect they were going for until I got home and began the editing process. It was too late then to tell her to kick her feet backward, or at least one foot, and bend way low, hovering just over his face.  Even had I done that, the pose was clearly not natural to them.

A couple will typically fall into normal postures and attitudes during a photo shoot, if the pace is relaxed and the stress of day to day life is forgotten.

A natural photo tends to be the most beautiful, and show the couple at their best. This means the photographer is walking a narrow line in posing the couple, encouraging them to relax, and at the same time, let them express themselves, as they are.

My suggestions for couples who are having wedding photography done are these:

  •     Consider a pre-wedding or post-wedding photo session, with a change of clothes or two.
  •     Select a photographer based on your enjoyment of their portfolio.
  •     If there is a wedding pose you want to try, make a print and bring it along.
  •     Make sure you have the digital images at your disposal, so you can make a wedding book, put                                          together a video of your favortie shots, and pull off the shots you love to your own digital album.
  •     Keep a digital album online, so if something happens to your computer, you wil not lose your photos. 
  •     Above all, enjoy this. You are the stars of this session, so bask in it. Love it. You are at your most beautiful, happier than you have ever been. You will see that every time you look at your wedding pictures. They simply get better and better. 

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