Monday, December 27, 2010

Weddings at the Volcano

Here is the pavilion at dusk ready for the bride and groom to arrive.  

Their ceremony began with the blowing of the pu, a giant triton shell.  They wanted rain, and there was rain.  They wanted thunder and lightning, and they were blessed with a clap of thunder during their nuptial kiss.  

The sacred heiau at the secluded beach had intrigued them, so near sunset the next day we had a photo shoot there.  There was a rainbow and glorious sunset.

Magic is something that is difficult to convey.  The magic of the island, of the setting, waits to be discovered.  During the day of the photo shoot, the couple talked about how much more exotic, romantic, and amazing the pavilion had been than they had expected.  They were so very happy, and ready for the magic to happen.  

In this emerald forest, on top of the volcano, the sense of the sacred is as present as the mist.  You feel kissed by the air, and blessed by an intangible presence.   

When we set up the blessing circle, it turned out to be an invitation to Lono to offer blessings.  He presented the drama desired.  The prayer is in the wish, readily granted where the gods have always walked amongst the people of Hawaii.  

We consider this place to be sacred, and to belong to no one.  Hawaii, the Big Island, has bridges in time and space that allow for the most scientific of minds to wander into dreamscapes.  It can be like crossing into your personal fairy tale.  I think that is what this couple discovered here in the emerald forest.  

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