Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Treehouse Weddings

The treehouse and grounds are a potential wedding location in addition to the rainforest pavilion.  While the pavilion is a setting protected from the rain, the grotto at the treehouse is open and bathed in dappled light.  The hammock comes down and the bride and groom stand amidst fragrant orchids and gardenias, ginger if in season.

The treehouse lanai is another spot where a ceremony can take place.

Standing in the grotto, you are below the treehouse, and across from the lava tube.  The tree ferns or hapu'u that form the mid canopy of the rainforest wave gently ovehead.  Above them, the red flowered ohia trees reach into the sky.

The orchids are epiphytes, and like the nepenthes pitcher plants, grow directly in the tree ferns and on the trees.  Exotic island mosses drape the tree branches and grow along the paths.

From the moment you arrive until you depart, you can choose to stay in the magical forest, never setting foot back in a car.  Personal catering is available, and your wedding photography can all be done in the treehouse and around the grounds.

To see more photos, look through the blog.  You may reach us through www.mahinui.com.  aloha!

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