Thursday, September 1, 2011

Treehouse honeymoon and beachfront wedding

We are lucky enough at the moment to have access to a home with a lanai directly across from this beautiful spot.  We love our pavilion in the rainforest, and those who have chosen vow renewals and weddings there have been delighted with every detail.  We are aware that there are those who think Hawaii -> wedding -> beach.  There are those who specialize in beach weddings.  And there is our lanai.  It overlooks a pond with koi and local fishes.  Today I floated orchids in it. It is a dreamy, special place.

The photo below shows one of the ponds, and a small table set up on the lawn.  The lanai is to the right, over the pond.  We have set aside a single weekend in September for a wedding on the lanai.  The package will include two nights in the treehouse and photography at Leleiwi, the beaches and ponds in the area.

The two days are September 23 and 24 2011.  The wedding date would be September 23.  We may be reached through the blog information or our website,  Cost will be $1500 inclusive.

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