Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fantasy Wedding!

Imagine an ultimate romantic fantasy, set on an island in the middle of the ocean.  Your plane lands in a lava field, the blackest black you can imagine, with the bluest ocean beyond.  A short conveyor belt deposits your luggage, and you are greeted by a smiling island guy with lei.

Your luggage is stowed in the back of the Land Rover and wreathed in fragrant soft petals, you are transported to a sandy beachfront for cocktails and small plates of delectable treats, while you watch the sky change color at sunset.

Now rested from your transoceanic flight, you settle in to being transported up the volcano.  Through the darkness the headlights reveal a canopy of giant ferns you travel beneath, to the first night in your adventure.  Your bags are carried into the house, where bouquets of orchids, birds of paradise, heart shaped anthurium, and other tropical flowers greet you.  A bottle of your favorite beverage is at hand, with appropriate glassware, and plenty of ice, should you need it.

The driver leaves, and you settle into the steaming hot tub, glasses in hand, Hawaiian slack key guitar music in the background and candlelight making dancing shadows around you and your favorite person.

Your day begins with the best coffee you have ever had, an array of delectable fruits, creme fraiche, and delicate pastry.  Granola and yogurt are also at hand.  A note on the table lets you know your massage  for two is scheduled for 11.  You enjoy your breakfast while sitting on the level of the lower canopy. 

During the massage, the trade winds gently caress your skin as the last of the weariness of life before is rubbed away.  Another languid soak in the tub, and it is time to ready yourself for the wedding event itself.  The smiling island guy returns to take the groom off to the treehouse to prepare himself, and a dressing assistant helps the bride into her gown covered with faintly aquamarine tinted sequins and jewels, and a headpiece of white orchids and tuberose, accented with tendrils of fern. 

There is the sound of the conch, like the horn of an ocean liner, and a torchbearer ascends the path, lighting tiki torches and adding the element of fire to the path.

In a switch from tradition, the bride secretly ascends a forested path adorned with living orchids and lined with anthurium to a chorus of birdsong.  Meanwhile, the groom has been readying not only himself but also preparing the boudoir in the trees for his bride. 

Another sound of the conch, and the groom walks the path through the flickering flames, and enters the pavilion, where the bride awaits in a circle of candles and lavish white orchids.  An award winning island musician is playing.  The conch sounds again, and the ceremony begins!

... to be continued! ...

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