Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rainforest Romance ~ Intimate Supper

From time to time we romantics ponder what might be the ultimate romantic dinner.  

There is a scene in the movie Out of Africa where Robert Redford sets up a table on the desert sand, wooing Meryl Streep.  It is a swooningly lovely scene, with the white table cloth and the elegant setting in the middle of the wildness.  

The original idea of the romantic supper in the rainforest pavilion was to offer an alternative to bridal couples to going out to eat at a restaurant.  The romance of the setting is somewhat conveyed in the photo above.  What is missing is the fragrance of the forest, of the orchids and perhaps the tuberose bouquet across the floor on the altar/tiki bar.  You cannot hear the music.  And of course, there is no food showing!

If you are planning on coming to the Big Island to become engaged, or celebrate an anniversary, or if you simply would love to surprise your partner with what could well be the most memorable and most idyllic dining experience you have ever had, consider this.  We can arrange a private and festive supper for you, with the menu of your choice.  We work with some of the most outstanding private chefs on the island.  The ingredients are sourced locally insofar as possible.  We encourage you to try seasonal island cuisine, prepared healthfully, and presented magnificently.  

You may have music via iPod or go all out and have a local guitar player.  Island music or flamenco.  

With enough notice, you may have the choice of finishing your evening at the treehouse, or enjoying the main residence on the same grounds as the pavilion.

If you wonder how you get to this spot, it is very near the main entrance to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  The pavilion itself is up a curvy forest path, interplanted with heart shaped anthurium, orchids, and fragrant ginger.  The path is lit with tiki torches.  

For more photos and an introduction to the treehouse, you may visit our website:


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