Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sand as white as snow

Who has never had a deserted island fantasy?  Imagine yourself on this beach.  The sand so white, the sunlight a mellow 85 degrees.  The only footprints are yours.

This is a beach in Hawaii that is on the Big Island.  You can drive in with four wheel drive, if your vehicle is high enough to manage the deep deep ruts and you are willing to take the time to creep along.  You can hike in, with whatever you can carry.  Or, what about a helicopter drop?  This is where it can become one of life's ultimate adventures ...  

Here is how it could work.  You are visiting Hawaii.  Your amazing life partner is with you.  You are moved to do something to honor this person.  What about a helicopter tour over the active volcano, then touch down here?  You have with you a picnic lunch prepared to match your palates. Perhaps something like this:  Tiny island greens, a cold bottle of wine.  Opakpaka prepared with wasabi and flying fish eggs.  Quinoa with Hamakua mushrooms sautéed lightly in a sherry sauce.  A desert of dried starfruit dipped in Hawaiian chocolate.

You bring this along in a basket with a lounging cloth for the beach, and a couple of folding chairs, cloth napkins, bottled water and calamansi.

You are the only two people on this beach.  The helicopter will return in 3 hours.  Meanwhile, leave behind all the constraints of civilization and let yourself become as a Hawaiian of days so far gone by ...  and there can even be music.

We can arrange this ... are you ready?

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