Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hawaii Beach Wedding

The Hawaii Beach wedding is such a popular idea that you would think it would be super easy to arrange.  And in many ways it is.  You do an internet search and up pop a plethora of possibilities.

When you look closer, you may notice some of these details:

You cannot put up an arch or canopy at the beach in Hawaii.  When you see an arch in the photo, that is on grass, near a beach, sometimes on private property.  There is no beach ownership of property, hence no private beach.

So since all beach access is public, there is no private beachfront wedding site, other than a private home with beachfront access directly adjacent.

If you long for a sand between the toes Hawaii wedding with maybe no one wandering right through your ceremony, there are a couple of spots we like.  One is pictured right here.  These Keawe trees form multiple corridors between a walking path and the water.  The beach is fairly narrow, and the trees lie right down on the sand.  There are more open areas at either end of this stretch, but right here, for a significant length of beach, the trees form almost outdoor rooms.

We also like this for the photo possibilities.  This is a difficult back lit shot, where the sky is gone white on a sunny day so the texture of the trees shows.  We see a billowy chiffon wedding dress, colorful aloha shirt.  We see a path of orchids and plumeria.  We see candles in glass surrounded by orchids balanced along the branches, tied in raffia streamers from some of the overhanding boughs.  We see tree branch climbing in full wedding regalia.  And we see no one else in the picture.  That is partly because of the way the trees cordon off sections of sand.  That is partly because this beach is just enough off the beaten path that it is possible to claim a spot and secure some privacy.  Not 100% privacy, but enough for a lovely ceremony and lots of fun photos.  Plus the snorkeling is phenomenal.

We can set this up with table and chairs, quilts and pillows, cake and champagne.  It can become an opulent arrangement for a day or an evening. We can bring in candles in hurricane glass and tiki drinks.  A caterer.  The picnic of your wedding dreams, complete with white tablecloth and sunset, guitar player and a long linger in the twilight into evening on a beach now deserted but for you.

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