Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fantasy Rainforest Wedding part 3

During the ceremony, the wedding cake has been on display on this white draped table in the pavilion.  The couple have decided for their wedding it will be dessert first.  There is great fanfare as they remove a slice of cake and first tenderly accept morsels from each other before playfully drawing frosting designs across each other's lips.  The cake is then served to the guests, and a thick slice removed for later...

As the light of the day fades into dusk, the songs of birds also begin to quiet. The guests bid a fond farewell to the newlyweds and a caterer whisks away the cake plates and sets two place settings at the table.  Dinner music replaces the festive slack key, a jazzy accompaniment to the very private wedding meal about to be served.  The bride slips away to the house below to change into a slinky dinner gown and cozy cashmere wrap while the dressing assistant carefully puts away her jeweled wedding dress.  When she re-enters the pavilion, the groom touches his lips to her neck and removes pins from her hair so it cascades down onto her shoulders.

A bottle of 20 year old Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, a nice library selection, sits on the table, uncorked and breathing, as it has throughout the ceremony.  The groom has prepared the menu with the caterer.  He chose her favorite wine to accompany island lobster tails and a delicate array of barely heated through julienned island vegetables tossed lightly with miso and a variety of sea vegetables.  The greens are both tender and crisp in the mouth.  The buttery dip for the lobster has been made delectable by fresh lilikoi and tiny slices of hot pepper.  There is root vegetable puree that perfectly complements the rest of the meal.  Water with ice and thin cucumber slices accompanies the food.

The entire scene is now lit by candles and strands of tiny lights embedded in strands of crystals strung across the tall Balinese ceiling.  Firebowls add both light and heat.  Natalie and Nat King Cole sing "Unforgettable" and the groom sweeps the bride into the dance.  As Frank Sinatra begins "The Way You Look Tonight", they head arm in arm down the path along the tiki torch lit way, where the driver meets them.

Opening the rear door of the Land Rover, he helps them in, the canopy of stars winking above, and within minutes they are at their honeymoon destination.

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