Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fantasy Wedding - chapter 5

The day after the wedding is the photo shoot.

Morning begins with coffee that tastes almost like chocolate, sliced papaya with a squeeze of lime, and croissants with lilikoi butter and macadamia nut butter.  They sit on the treehouse lanai and watch the cardinals flitting from limb to limb at their eye level.

They call their hosts when they are ready, and within minutes are picked up for their island photo adventure.  The couple feels like celebrities everywhere they are taken around the island, from private lagoons where the waters are pristine aquamarine and clear as jewels to beaches studded with flowering trees where sea turtles come out to sun themselves.

The island around them feels alive and interactive, playing with them with mist and sun, soft breezes, offering up flowers and colors in the most unexpected of places.

Throughout the day the colors of the sky change around them, as if a kaleidoscope had been on order just for their wedding photography.

A feeling of playfulness that began in the treehouse spills over throughout the day, as they clown for the camera and each other.

There is a stop at the rim of the volcano, where from a hole in the caldera a white plume rises and wafts upward and away in the breeze.  They will be back at dusk, after sunset at the ocean on a deserted beach, to watch the orange red glow begin, the lava lake rising and falling in the caldera of Halema'uma'u.

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